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Our industry-leading ultrasonic recorders are engineered to help you record more bats, thanks to low-noise microphones that detect even quiet and distant echolocations, advanced triggering that records more bats, and built-in technology that detects and removes “false triggers” if they occur.  

The result? More bat calls and less time spent in analysis sifting through thousands of unusable files.

Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter Mini Bat 2 Shown with Free Configurator Companion App


Song Meter Mini Bat 2

Record bats & birds in a mini package.

Record bats and other wildlife that vocalize in the ultrasonic range for up to 125 ten-hour nights.* Attach an optional acoustic stub microphone to monitor birds, amphibians, mammals, and other wildlife that vocalize in the audible range.**

Additional Features 

  • Built-in, low-noise ultrasonic microphone records bat echolocations in high fidelity.
  • Optional acoustic stub mic attachment records audible wildlife & soundscapes.**
  • Free companion app for easy programming via your Bluetooth®-enabled device.
  • Rugged, water-resistant, IP67-rated housing for peace of mind in all-weather deployments.
  • Built-in tripod mount for positioning the microphone toward bat flyaways.
  • Hnged, lockable enclosure. 

*Battery life based on Li-ion model; AA model also available.

**Sold separately.

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Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM4BAT FS


Song Meter SM4BAT FS

Maximize deployment time & data capture.

Record bats for up to 48 ten-hour nights on battery power or extend deployments by connecting to an external power supply.* Maximize data capture (and minimize data collection efforts) with dual SDHC/SDXC memory card slots.

Additional Features 

  • Cabled SMM-U2 ultrasonic low-noise microphone records at varying elevations up to 100m.**
  • Optional power cable attachment for hookup to an outlet, solar panel, or external battery.**
  • On-unit keypad & backlit display for programming your recorder's location, settings & schedule.
  • Weatherproof enclosure protects against harsh elements & rugged terrain.
  • Hinged, lockable enclosure.

*Battery life based on four D alkaline batteries. Also compatible with NiMH.

**Sold separately.

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Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch 2 Shown With Android Phone and Tablet


Echo Meter Touch 2

Detect bats from the palm of your hand.

Detect and record bat echolocations in real-time. Simply plug into your iOS® or Android smartphone or tablet with USB-C connector, and hear bats as they fly nearby. Available in two versions: PRO and Standard.


  • Hear bat echolocations using our patented Real-Time Expansion technology.*
  • Get suggestions for the most likely species detected—with photos & descriptions—via Bat Auto-ID.**
  • Instantly view & share color spectrograms via the free companion app.
  • Map & share recordings, locations & transect paths.
  • Record echolocations up to 192 kHz (PRO) or 128 kHz (Standard).
  • Fine-tune trigger settings & sample rate.

*Also equipped with Heterodyne & post-recording time expansion.

**Leverages technology used in our Kaleidoscope Pro Sound Analysis Software.

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Wildlife Acoustics Kaleidoscope Pro Sound Analysis Software for Use with Song Meter Recorders


Kaleidoscope Pro

Find what you're looking for faster.

Save time sifting through sound files to get to big-picture analysis faster, whether you’re conducting species inventory, presence/absence surveys, or habitat health monitoring.


  • Quickly detect & group similar sounds & build classifiers with Cluster Analysis.
  • Quantify the level of noise present in your recordings with Sound-Level Analysis.
  • "Smart Search" your recordings based on time of day, location, temperature, species identified, or spectral qualities.
  • Receive suggestions for the most likely bat species detected using Bat Auto-ID.*

*Bat species classifiers are currently available for North America, Europe, South Africa, and the Neotropics.

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Wildlife Acoustics SMART System for Reducing Bat Fatalities at Wind Farms


SMART System

Detect bats. Minimize fatalities. Reduce downtime.

SMART (Song Meter with Analysis & Remote Transfer) uses real-time bat detection to reduce bat fatalities, curtailment costs, and turbine downtime while increasing Annual Energy Production (AEP) at wind farms.


  • Add custom alarms that match bat-call parameters & activity levels you set.
  • Trigger notifications to turbine systems & pause turbine operation as needed.
  • Download recordings & activity summaries
  • Remotely manage the system via a secure web browser interface.


Wildlife Acoustics is the leading provider of bioacoustics monitoring technology for biologists, researchers, and government agencies worldwide. Our acoustic and ultrasonic recorders and sound analysis software help scientists conduct species inventory, presence/absence surveys, and habitat health monitoring to make impactful discoveries that expand our understanding of the planet.

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